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About the Club

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Our Story

The Game Fishing Club of Northern Tasmania (GFCNT) is a family orientated recreational fishing club. We continually work towards increasing our membership base, by offering fantastic competitions, and actively encouraging family membership. We are passionate about game fishing and would love to see you join in the fun.

The GFCNT is affiliated with the Tasmanian Game Fishing Association (TGFA) and the Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA), which set strict fishing rules to promote sustainable and ethical fishing practices. We are also actively involved with government research facilities like the CSIRO and NSW fisheries Tag and Release programs run throughout Australia, which support these objectives.

Why Join Our Club?

Our club offers a wide range of competitive opportunities, both within and outside of our club. You can compete with other clubs in your state, national competitions, and even represent your club, state, or country in international tournaments. As a member, you will also receive our club and state association newsletters, as well as the official game fishing journal of the GFAA. Our knowledgeable and experienced members are always happy to share their expertise and offer advice.

Membership Benefits
  • Opportunities to socialise with club members and share your fishing experiences.
  • Information evening for all members, keeping you up to date on fishing skills and techniques.
  • Fantastic competitions supported by our exceptional sponsors
  • Membership of the GFCNT allows you to enter all of the sanctioned competitions run by the Tasmanian Game Fishing Association affiliated clubs.
  • GFCNT members are also affiliated with the GFAA. – the longest established national fishing association in the world.
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Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA)

The Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA) is the longest established national fishing association in the world.

It has been, and remains, a model and example for gamefishing associations around the world.  As such, the GFAA is affiliated with the International Game Fish Association (lGFA) and plays an active part in the leadership of the sport of game fishing on a world level.

The membership of the GFAA is the Australian States and the Northern Territory (the Canberra GFC is affiliated with the NSW Game Fishing Association). Thus, game fishermen, wherever their place of residence, have a voice and representation – just as was planned by those who founded the national body in 1938.

Each of the State and Northern Territory Associations is made up of affiliated clubs. The club members – the anglers – in turn, receive the benefit of membership.